The beginning

SARA Watches is the story of a couple of entrepreneurs who are addicted to fashion, luxury and watches. The obsession of wearing a classic and minimalistic watch was the start of this journey.

We offer an amazing user experience, by designing fashionable and elegant watches, available for everyone. Behind this, SARA is more than a brand. We want to share our mindset with all of you : be elegant, be smart.

Nowadays, SARA Watches is an international Brand while we are operating and selling our watches in more than +100 countries. We are a fast growing company, while our customer are satisfied and aware that SARA brings them joy to wear high-quality products. We are the only brand who allows his customers to be part of the journey. 

This journey was created in London but is now rising to the whole world and we accord an importance to every of our client.  This is not finished, it is only the beginning. Be part of us. 
To be continued...

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