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Who are we ? 

Created in 2018, Sara Watches is a British brand that designs unique, classy and elegant watches, allowing everyone to wear some nice British watches. 

Our vision is to create high-quality watches for young stylish people, who also agree with our vision. At SARA Watches, we would like to share our story and our values with YOU ! That's why we'd like to thank you for your interest. 


1. Get your premium watch (£100 value)


In order for you to promote our brand properly, we'd like to offer you one of our watches... Choose your favorite watch and use this code at checkout: 


Please be respectful with this code, and don't share it with anyone... Otherwise we will be obliged to stop our collaboration. Please also note that you need to pay the shipping costs. 


2. Your personal discount code

Did you placed your free order? Then we will activate your personal discount code. (You'll be able to share this one)

For that, please send us a DM on Instagram to activate your code! Click here for our Instagram. Or visit our Instagram @sarawatches


3. Promote us and EARN MONEY!

After that we activated your personal discount code, we invite you to share it on Instagram. Your followers will get 20% OFF their order and you'll earn 20% commission on the sale. 
For example: Sandra buys a watch for £80 with your code, you'll receive £16! (80x 20%)

Payments will be done with Paypal.


Are you ready? This offer expires in 24 hours.

Connect with us on Instagram for questions!

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